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When companies need to lay off employees, the process can be difficult and emotional. Tenured employees are let go and in many cases, they have been out of the job market for a long time and may have a difficult time adjusting to their new reality. The company’s integrity and reputation are also concerns.

The face of the employment market has changed and while it has always been competitive, the reality of anonymous online applications and the difficult economy can be overwhelming. Unemployment numbers are high and the number of people vying for any one position is staggering. We want to help you help your employees to navigate their way through the job jungle and gain an edge over their competitors.  RPS provides a holistic service designed to restore confidence and send prepared job seekers back into the workforce

We can help your employees

  • Cope with the emotional and psychological stress of losing a job
  • By providing them with individual career coaching (assessment and evaluation of their professional strengths)
  • Create a relevant, easy to read, and current c.v.
  • Prepare for the interview process
  • Review standards of behaviour and etiquette that will position them
    in a positive light
  • Redefine their career objectives and desired outcomes and put into place strategies that will facilitate the process

We can help you

  • Mitigate the fallout of a layoff
  • Help your valued employees get back on their feet
  • Restore and/or maintain the reputation of your company by demonstrating support throughout the termination process
  • Select an outplacement service that best fits your company’s resources and your employees’ needs

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