Why use a Recruiter?

First of all, find a recruiter who you feel comfortable with and who is genuinely interested in representing you.


You should expect that your recruiter spend uninterrupted time getting an in depth understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, interests and motivators for changing jobs. If a recruiter understands your background and goals, s/he will keep you connected to the market so you don't miss out on a potentially great opportunity if and when a potential opportunity arises. Beware of recruiters who don’t take the time to do this, as you will waste precious time in interviews for jobs that you are not interested in nor qualified for.

Your resume should never be sent to clients by recruiters who (1) have not taken the time to get to know you, and/or who (2) have not requested your permission prior to presenting your candidacy to a client.

Today’s candidate-flooded market makes shopping around in the vast world of on-line computer technology very time-consuming, confusing and an impersonal process. Working with a good recruiter not only serves as a catalyst of employment, but also as a personalizing buffer between the impersonal forces of commerce-based interactions.


Finally, and most importantly, a good recruiter can be your eyes and ears on the job market when you are too busy to pay attention for yourself!


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